Welcome to CMAS!

What is CMAS, you ask?

Why it’s the Carleton Mechanical and Aerospace Society, of course! We are a student society at Carleton University, primarily focusing in services for students among the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Programs. However, even though it’s in the name, we aren’t exclusive to Mechanical and Aerospace students. Our membership has included students from all of the engineering disciplines, and even reached as far as Criminology, Linguistics, and Journalism. CMAS is for anyone who’s interested in becoming a member!

As part of our commitment to fostering a positive environment at Carleton, we provide a number of services. We offer discounted printing, course-required supplies, a textbook library, our publication titled “Geared Up”, a mentorship program, and a great office with computers, comfy seats, and a fridge.

Each year, we proudly present a series of events. In the past we’ve taken trips to Top Kart in Gatineau, the 30-Metre Wind Tunnel at NRC, and Vintage Wings of Canada, to name a few. We strive to make our trips relevant and affordable for students. We also have highly entertaining competitions every year, ranging from Paper Airplanes, to CO2 Cars, and even Potato Cannons. These competitions are purely for fun, but of course winners are rewarded with prizes. Each year the program of events changes, so check our Calendar section regularly!

Our most popular and longest running event is CMAS Industry night! We invite engineers and hiring managers from the mechanical and aerospace industries to come and mingle with student attendees in a business casual banquet setting. Industry Night provides students the opportunity to engage in real-life professional networking, ask questions about the business of engineering, and get tips for applying to jobs.

We encourage you to join CMAS. An annual membership is only $15, and with it you get discounts on all of our events and services, use of the office, and of course free office coffee! You can find us at 3346 Mackenzie Building and we’re usually open from 8:30-5:30, Monday to Friday, depending on our volunteer schedule. Speaking of volunteering – anyone can volunteer – just ask us how!

Have a great year! We’ll see you in CMAS!

Scott Dutrisac
CMAS President