About Us

Our Mission:

To promote and enrich the art, science, engineering, and applications of mechanics, aeronautics and space by providing educational activities and events to the student population. CMAS also strives to increase Carleton awareness, national competitiveness, and foster university pride.

CMAS is a non-profit student organization that was created in March 2002 by merging the Mech Society (MECHS) and the Carleton Aerospace Society (CAS).

Other CMAS benefits include a lounge, computer and printing services, reference library and affordable CMAS merchandise.

The CMAS Constitution is available here.


Member and Exec Meeting for Fall 2016:

Where: MC 2014

When: Mondays @ 6:30pm

Who: Exec mandatory. Members Welcome!

What: Weekly meeting to vote on all CMAS related business.


What can CMAS do for me?

CMAS offers several valuable services to students and members:

Printing Services: We offer printing in black/white and colour. Print Cards may be purchased from CMAS and offer up to 100 prints per card! As with everything else we sell, the cards are discounted for members and the per sheet cost equate to the cheapest on campus printing!

Computers: The office has four computers with internet access. Members get first dibs, but if you want to stop by just to print something a computer will be provided for you right away. Additionally, CMAS members receive access to our wireless internet. Ask a member of exec for the password this semester.

Textbook Library: CMAS has a library of new and old textbooks, and mechanical and aerospace engineering related books and magazines; all available for members to borrow. You can borrow a text book for the entire semester for free as a member!

Appliances: The office has a fridge, microwave and coffee machine available to all. We provide coffee, tea and sweetener. Members, bring your travel mug in for free coffee!

Lounge: CMAS is a great place to work or socialize with fellow engineers and non-engineers alike. Having a conversation with an upper year student can yield invaluable advice on tests, professors, electives and study materials.