Geared Up

Geared Up is the official CMAS publication generally published 2 to 3 times throughout
the Fall and Winter semesters. Since electronic publications get as much (or more) traffic
as print versions, Geared Up will be changing format this year. You can get to it from the link below.

The editor for the 2015/16 year is Ana Alarcon. She can be contacted during her office
hours in the CMAS office or at

Each issue will still be comprised of news, articles, comics or discussions written by students
and faculty members. All articles are of an engineering nature, mostly concerning mechanical
and aerospace topics such as planes, trains and automobiles. To submit an article, just find an
interesting topic, add an interesting picture and submit it to the current editor.

Geared Up in now online.

You can view Geared Up from this link: The new Geared Up.

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