• Airbus’ head of urban air mobility talks CityAirbus, Vahana and the timeline to air taxi operations
    By Gerrard Cowan Airbus is taking a growing interest in the eVTOL and wider urban air mobility (UAM) market. Its direct work in the area includes the development of the Vahana single-seat demonstrator, which took its final test flight at the Pendleton unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) range in Oregon in the U.S. in November 2019. The OEM’s
  • Rolls-Royce Will Power the World’s Fastest Passenger Plane
    BY CAROLINE DELBERT Boom Supersonic will pair with Rolls-Royce’s powerful aeronautics group to build the world’s fastest supersonic passenger jet.  Now that Boom has designed the airframe for its flagship Overture aircraft—the Denver-based startup will unveil XB-1, a 1:3 scale model of Overture, in October, with test flights to follow next year—it’s seeking a partner to help make